Crunchy Easter Nests | VEGAN

With easter just around the corner, I wanted to do an easy homemade treat that can be wrapped up and given as a gift, or just eaten in bed watching Netflix (guilty).

These easter nests are so easy + yum, and look extra fancy if you use the ‘golden eggs’. Feel free to substitute these with your favourite mini Easter egg, if you’d prefer 🙂 this is by no means my own invention, but rather a childhood classic made vegan!


– 180g vegan chocolate (I used Coles brand dark choc)
– 3 shredded wheat biscuits
– Mini eggs for on top – optional (I used vegan choc-coated almonds from The Source which I sprayed with cake decorating mist to give a golden effect because I am ~extra~. I made some with and some without)

– Melt chocolate over a double boiler
– Crumble in the shredded wheat biscuits and stir until coated in chocolate
– Evenly divide between 10 muffin cases, decorate with your mini eggs (if using) and leave to set in the fridge!

Easy + delicious. These can easily be customised to use whatever flavours or fillings you like, so go crazy ☺



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