World Environment Day: Let’s Work Together

I love the Earth. Every single day I remind myself how lucky I am to call this beautiful planet home, but the unfortunate reality is that she’s not in the best shape.

As humans, our actions are slowly destroying our wonderful home. We’re cutting down trees for terrible reasons and causing the temperature to rise. We are fracking, mining and ruining our beautiful natural reefs. We are using so many resources that need to be saved for future generations.

Today is World Environment Day, a day to reflect on not only the environment around us, but also the huge effect we have as humans, and how we can be doing our part to help Mother Nature.

If you’re not thinking about the impact you’re having on the planet daily, then at least take today to gain some awareness. If everyone undertook the smallest, tiniest changes – what a difference we could truly make.

There are some really simple changes you can make to your life that can be a huge help in the long run. Calculate your carbon footprint and assess areas in which you may be lacking a little. Consume less meat and dairy. Put everything you’ve learnt over your life about saving the planet into action. Whether it’s recycling, driving less or even having shorter showers, every single thing counts.

Each day we wake up and we make choices, so make today the day you start making earth-conscious ones. We only have one Earth! Let’s work together to keep her beautiful as can be





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