Just like Sia, I am indeed alive

Hey there! Hi, hello, g’day, hola etc.

It’s been a while, but despite what the abandoned shell of this blog may lead you to believe – I am actually alive and well. Uni got the better of me toward the end of last year and then, in all honesty, I just had no desire to blog. However, I have now completed my degrees and am going to make a conscious effort to try harder with publishing posts.

Granted, things might start to look a little different around here. Probably less makeup, probably more food, definitely less of the same post re-hashed as something else. I started this blog so I could write about what I enjoyed, and last year it started becoming less about that and I hated it.

But, I am refreshed (#newyearnewme etc), I am excited and I am ready to put figurative pen to paper and get my ass into gear. I hope you guys will still stick with me.

Tiahn x


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