June Favourites



Surely the calendar’s just having a laugh and we’re not actually halfway through the year, right? I can’t even say, ‘I have a year of uni left’ anymore, it’s officially just one semester. Oh…oh dear. With my token 80-year-old rant out of the way, let’s move onto what I’ve enjoyed this month. There’s only a few, but let’s get into it!


Loving Earth Chocolate

Generally when I’m studying for exams, my food habits don’t become too awful. I make sure I set aside time in the day to actually cook properly and don’t just eat crap. One thing I do tend to do more of, however, is snack. I switched between Lindt Sea Salt and various blocks of Loving Earth raw chocolate, but decided to include Loving Earth because of their beautiful new packaging. Delicious, vegan and tasty as heck, it definitely pushed me to keep studying for español (which I somehow aced, ¡olé!)


Sukin Nourishing Facial Oil

My skin has been a portable snow machine recently, however I’ve found that when I’ve used this oil overnight I’ve woken up with softer, more hydrated skin that feels really nice. It doesn’t leave your skin too oily and sinks in quite quickly, which is always a bonus with oils!


Oil Massaging

Before I cleanse most nights, I’ve been massaging coconut oil into my face for around 15 minutes. I do it just while I’m watching tele, and it makes my skin/face feel so lovely and plump and soft. You turn into a beetroot for a while afterwards, but it’s really worth it and lovely.


Colouring In

Adult colouring books are having a real moment, and I’m now the proud owner of two. I finally purchased Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom after having my eye on my best friend’s copy for months, and now that I’m on holidays it’s so nice to just have a guilt-free relaxing colouring session. Such a lovely idea and such a beautiful book.


That’s it! I think I’ve been far too busy to try anything else this month! What did you enjoy in June?



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