DIY: A Touch Of Copper Clock // STYLE


I am addicted to Kmart. I can’t help it, it’s become an actual problem. They are just killing it with their homewards of late and it’s all so cheap and wonderful.

I’ve been re-doing my room, and wanted a clock to put in there. My sister has a white/brown one from Kmart that I liked, but I wanted to give it a little twist. Thus, my clock was created.


This is so easy that I doubt I even need to explain it, but for the good of the post I will anyway. You will need a clock (mine was a $5 Kmart one), masking tape and copper paint (I used one I found at Bunnings for around $10, it dries SO fast and has a cool hammered effect to it).


Mark out where you want to paint, and cover about three-strip widths in masking tape. Cover the hands of the clock in tape and ensure they’re out of the way, then tape a piece of newspaper over the area you don’t want to paint.


Spray, dry, carefully remove tape. Genius, right? My clock looks so lovely sitting on my wall and I’m so stoked that it turned out so well. It goes nicely with my new copper Kmart lamp ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have you DIY-ed anything recently?



3 thoughts on “DIY: A Touch Of Copper Clock // STYLE

  1. Haha I got the same clock! I haven’t DIY’d mine yet but will do it soon. But I like the touch of colour ๐Ÿ™‚

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