Urban Decay Setting Spray // BEAUTY


When the gods smiled down upon Australia and Mecca started stocking Urban Decay, I was fairly slow on the uptake.

Despite having a reminder set in my calendar, and refreshing the Mecca website on the day until the stock was on there, I didn’t actually buy anything until over a month later.

Upon a recent trip to the mothership, I decided I wanted to purchase one of the UD setting sprays. If that many people love them – I figured they had to be good, right?

I’ve never really used a setting spray before, so I was a tiny bit skeptical about how they would work, but I wanted to see if it could increase the longevity of my makeup throughout the day/night.


I originally intended to purchase the ‘All Nighter’ spray, but after speaking to the lovely girl in Mecca decided that ‘De-Slick’ would be better for my skin. When I first used the product, it felt bizarre to spray something on top of my made-up face.

Throughout the day, the first thing I noticed was that my makeup was not moving on my face at all. If I touched my face it didn’t feel like it was about to slide or transfer, and it was staying perfectly on my face throughout the day.

Left – 9am/Right – 6pm. Makeup definitely still there but getting quite patchy 

After about 8 hours, my makeup was still there, and definitely looked better than it did without the spray, however it definitely didn’t look immaculate. My foundation had clung quite badly to the dry patches on my face, however this could have been because I did not use any primer to see how the spray held up on it’s on. It completely controlled any oil I would usually get, so it definitely lives up to its name.

Overall, I’m really happy with it – even just for how it stops my makeup from transferring and sliding on my face. I wouldn’t say it increased the longevity of my makeup by a crazy amount, but there was an improvement. I would be interested to also try out the ‘All Nighter’ spray to see if its staying power is any better, but for the meantime, I’m definitely happy with this one.


Have you tried the Urban Decay setting sprays? Do you like them?



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