Lush Dark Angels: First Impressions // BEAUTY


While I’ve loved Lush for ages, it’s mostly been their bath products that I’ve purchased. I recently decided to try out some of their skincare, picking up their Dark Angels cleanser.

Dark Angels is their alternative version of Angels On Bare Skin, aimed for people with oilier skin. While my skin isn’t particularly oily, it does have days where I get a bit greasy, and so I thought it would be nice to use then.

The pitch-black colour of the product can be quite frightening, and I was definitely a bit cautious of it because of that. It smells so lovely and herbal, although I did find that when the product was on my face the smell was quite overwhelming.


I would say the product is definitely more an exfoliant than a cleanser, but the lady who served me in Lush did say that it wasn’t an “every-day” cleanser, and suggested I use it every three days instead.

After a few uses, my skin is feeling really nice. It makes my face super soft and after the first use I even noticed how nice and smooth my face looks. It did make my face quite red, however I am quite prone to redness, so this is fairly normal for me.

I think I will definitely try more of Lush’s skincare products in the future, as I’ve been quite impressed with this one and want to try out more!

Have you tried Dark Angels cleanser? Did you like it?



5 thoughts on “Lush Dark Angels: First Impressions // BEAUTY

  1. This looks great! So keen to try more lush products! I’ve had éau Roma water as a staple for years! Gonna pick this one up next time!! Xoxo

  2. I’ve been interested in Lush skincare but have never tried it! Great post- also you always take really nice photos x

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