Don’t Try This At Home // LIFE


Sometimes things go so horribly wrong that if you don’t laugh you’ll have a full blown mental breakdown cry. This blog post was one of them.

I have had this post planned for weeks, and had I not been as lazy as I have been, I might have been able to rectify it and not ended up posting this instead. I love doing recipes and DIY posts, and thought I’d whip up a healthy holiday treat for Easter.

The first indication that it was all going to go tits-up was when a fairly well known YouTuber did a similar recipe on her YouTube channel last week. It looked delicious and mine was never going to live up to that. The second clue was when I remembered my odds of making up recipes and them actually working aren’t good, but ignored that fact. The third was when I went to make it and found out mum had thrown out the Easter egg moulds.

oooooh wow look at that ~stylish~ arrangement

Now came time to make the treat, I had it all figured out. Delicious crispy puffed rice, homemade chocolate and peanut butter. What could go wrong? I foolishly asked myself as I attractively arranged my ingredients to take photos of them. Ooooh look! A close picture of rice. ~Wow~ look! at that peanut butter! Oh, how very silly I was.

I started mixing ingredients together and everything just started immediately going downhill. A soggy mess was forming in the bowl, and not even the addition of 2.5 times the puffed rice I originally planned on using could save this disaster. So they weren’t going to be able to be shaped as eggs – no biggy, I’ll turn them into chocolate crackles! I pressed the mixture into adorable muffin cases and set them to rest in the freezer. An hour later I pulled one out to try, and not only did every grain of rice fall apart from its neighbouring grain, it literally tasted like I was eating dirt. Let’s be honest there’s been plenty of apparent miracles around this time of year and this was not going to be another to add to the list. I cried and called my mum and got her to bring home hot cross buns. Because if a situation cant be fixed with tears and grilled piece of dough then I don’t know what will save you.


I’d like to pretend that there is a point to this post or that it philosophically links back to the piece I wrote about failure or that I ended up trying again and making the most delicious recipe ever. But it doesn’t. I messed up, it was hilarious, and I wanted to share with you my misfortune. Easter is about family time and proper chocolate and I’d like to think that this whole thing was punishment for trying to make a very unhealthy holiday healthy. Karma got me good, and I’ll never make the mistake again.

In the meantime, please enjoy the ridiculously wanky photos that I took with the intentions of including them in my equally as wanky recipe post. Enjoy your easter, eat lots of proper chocolate and buns and get back to reality on Tuesday.

IMG_3677 IMG_3673 IMG_3668 IMG_3636

Thank you for forever putting up with my sub-par blogging. I love every single one of you who reads this, and I promise that one day I’ll actually be good and not come up with shit like this. Have a beautiful easter, and don’t try make stupid “treats”.

Don’t forget that today is the Good Friday Appeal! Give generously to this amazing cause that helps so, so many people. Donate here pals!


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