My Love-Hate Relationship With Uni // LIFE


Today is the first day of my last year of university, and to be perfectly honest, I am shitting myself. I am scared, not just for the forthcoming year, but for all that is to come when it ends. I hate that I’ve just finished my last carefree five months of summer holidays. I hate that the next 11 weeks will be filled with me stressing out about everything, and I hate that no matter how hard I try, I know that I will always still be too hard on myself despite the (usually quite good) results I obtain. Uni is a strange new world, especially when you enter it directly from highschool, but it is one that I have truly loved experiencing over the last three years. While there are some negatives to studying at uni (the parking, the awful food on-campus, the parking, the textbook cost, the parking…), there are many, many positives about studying that I have come to realise. While I am frightened for my final year, I also have come to realise that I need to make the most of it, because unless I go back to studying, I may never experience these luxuries again.

The Independence

Something I hated with a fiery passion when I first started, the independence you receive at university makes you grow up very fast. It is completely up to you to hand in that assignment. No one’s going to chase you for it, and no one cares as your marks slowly drop every day it’s not handed in past the due date. It only affects you, and it makes you get stuff done. While this can be completely overwhelming at first, it truly does make you develop and appreciate your own work ethic, and allows you to stick to deadlines and timeframes well.

The Flexibility

Don’t want to go to that lecture on Monday morning at 8am? Me either. So I watch it online from my bed instead. I have the world’s worst attention span, and to actually be able to take in any information from a lecture means being able to pause it every five minutes and have a break (I wish I was joking). Most lectures don’t have an attendance record, and while I wouldn’t recommend missing every single lecture – and therefore part of the uni experience – it is handy when you don’t want to drive an hour for a 45-minute lesson you can watch online.

The Complete and Utter Laziness of it All

I am a full-time double degree student who has 9 contact hours a week. Now, you need to remember that aside from the contact hours I work my absolute ass off at home, doing notes, revising what I’ve learnt etc – but to be perfectly honest a 3 hour day three times a week and 5 day weekends is something that I know I will miss when 38-hour weeks become my reality.

Finally, the excuse to shop for stationery

No new semester is complete without a trip to Officeworks and the purchase of a new packet of pens and highlighters that I definitely didn’t need. I currently have seven pencilcases but insisted on buying a new one. I have so many pens that I have a stockpile in basically everyroom in the house, but I bought more. I am addicted and will be incredibly sad when I no longer have “uni” as an excuse to buy things I don’t need.  

Oh uni, I take it all back. Maybe I love you after all . Can’t I stay with you forever?

Last ever first day at skewwwwl!

Let’s make sure 2015 is a good one for all of us, whether we’re studying or otherwise.



3 thoughts on “My Love-Hate Relationship With Uni // LIFE

  1. I am in exactly the same boat as you! I’ve just started my last year and am terrified of what’s to come after! And i love a trip to office works 🙂 xx

    1. Ugh it’s such a scary concept, I don’t want to think about the real world! Haha it’s the best hey, I always spend double what I was planning on, though! x

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