NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation: First Impression Review // BEAUTY


When a product causes an incredibly polarising reaction in the beauty world, it’s something that I have to try. NARS recently released their new foundation, the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, and due to it being released everywhere in the world before Australia (of course), I was able to gauge a reaction before making the purchase myself.

I finally got my hot little hands on it the minute it was released at Mecca (literally the minute – I sat online and refreshed until it came up), then had two painstaking days of waiting for it to arrive (although shout out to Mecca for their crazy fast postage). It cost $64 and can be bought here.

I am the shade Deauville in Sheer Glow. While NARS say that you are the same shade in Sheer Glow and ADLW, I’d read many conflicting reviews online, with many saying they needed a lighter shade in ADLW. With this in mind, I bought the shade Gobi.


The bottle is beautiful. Tall, frosted glass with a plain black lid and A PUMP! No need to buy a separate pump – thank you NARS!


According to the NARS website, the foundation is “full, natural-looking coverage with unexpectedly weightless, 16-hour wear. Highly pigmented and perfectly balanced, this breakthrough formula builds and blends effortlessly with just one drop—the result of exclusive innovation uniquely designed to deliver long-wearing full coverage, weightlessly.”


Apparently one pump covers your entire face. When I pushed out my first pump I immediately knew that wouldn’t be the case, as the amount of liquid that comes out is tiny. I was immediately concerned that my decision to go a shade lighter was the wrong one, but once it went on it was only a tiny bit too light and was easily fixed with bronzer.

The product itself is very watery, and as with all NARS foundations it is meant to be applied with your fingers (which kills me), but I thought I’d bite the bullet and test it properly first time around. I applied it with my fingers, and while it did apply well I just felt like it could have been done so much better with a brush or sponge. My favourite way to apply sheer glow is with my real techniques sponge, so I found myself desperately wanting to reach for that. I persisted with my fingers, and after four (FOUR!) pumps of the product, I achieved a coverage I was happy with. The colour was slightly too light for me, but as previously mentioned it was easily fixed with bronzer.

The product lasted well throughout the day, although I did find it slightly clung to the dry area around my nose. I wouldn’t say it lasted 16 hours as it claims to, but did last a lot better than Sheer Glow usually does. The finish was luminous but matte, something I really liked, and it felt really beautiful on the skin.

Start of day vs. end of day. Still there, but looking a bit patchy


Full, natural-looking coverage
Full yes, but not straight away. Needs to be built up. Definitely natural.

Weightless 16-hour wear
Fairly weightless yes, lasted a lot time but definitely not 16 hours on my skin

Highly pigmented and perfectly balanced
Really pigmented but once blended does go a little sheer

Blends effortlessly with just one drop
Blends well, but you need a loooooot more than one drop (although in saying that, I do have a giant head so perhaps it’s just me?).


I like the foundation, and as much as I tried not to compare it to Sheer Glow, it’s hard not to because I love it so much and definitely prefer it. It’s a good foundation, a nice formula and well pigmented. The packaging is beautiful and feels expensive (probably because it is), and the addition of the pump is a move that NARS should have made long ago. I would buy it again, yes, but might try Deauville next time to avoid needing to bronze my face every single day. All in all it’s worth a try – definitely not one for dry skin but if you’ve normal/slightly oily like me it’s definitely a good foundation.

Have you tried All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation? What do you think?



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