Product Comparison: Australis AC On Tour Kit vs Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

contour4 copy

I know I’m late to the bandwagon on this one, but considering that everyone lost their absolute shit when the Australis AC On Tour kit was released, it’s been slightly harder to track down than originally thought. In the end my friend didn’t want hers and kindly gave it to me to allow me to compare them.



Both kits are similar sized, in black packaging with a flip-top lid. ABH’s is made from a sturdy cardboard, Australis’ is made from lightweight plastic. The Australis one comes with instructions for use on the underside of the palette. The Australis pans are slightly bigger than the ABH ones. They are not removable, and therefore when one colour runs out the entire palette must be replaced, as opposed to the ABH palette which has replaceable pans.



The Australis AC On Tour Kit is $16.95AUD, and the ABH Contour Kit is $40USD (which is currently around $50AUD).

ABH (top), Australis (bottom)



I’ll be straight up here…the Australis one sucks in comparison to the ABH one. It’s a good dupe, yes, and great for people who can’t, or don’t want to, spend $50 on a palette, but compared to the ABH one it is just so difficult to make look good. The Australis powders feel super chalky compared to the buttery powders of the ABH palette, and when applied the colours really don’t look a lot like they do in the pans.




The Australis shades are a lot more pigmented than the ABH ones, however I don’t particularly think this is a positive. The ABH salmon and banana powders match the undertones in the skin but don’t appear yellow or pink, whereas the Australis dupes are so bright that it can leave the undereyes looking quite brightly coloured. The shimmer highlight (‘sand’ in ABH and ‘3’ in Australis) were really different when applied. Sand is a rosey-toned highlight, whereas 3 comes off quite dark and orange.




This is where the biggest differences occur. When swatched side by side, none of the shades look ‘the same’ as their counterparts from the other palette. The Australis colours are much more intense than the ABH ones, and come off quite cool-toned. While this is good for contouring, the high pigmentation just makes it incredibly intense and a bit too much on the skin.



When swatched, both palettes applied well and went on smoothly, however when applied over my foundation base the ABH palette blended much easier. The Australis palette was incredibly difficult to blend because of its intense pigmentation, and it ended up looking really muddy on my skin.



If I were in need of a contour palette and a bit strapped for cash, I would definitely opt for the incredibly affordable Australis palette, however if it were viable I would more than likely choose the ABH kit every time. The Australis kit can be bought here, and the ABH kit here.

Have you tried either or both of these? What are your thoughts?



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