Sukin Skincare: Can You Have a Crush on a Brand? // BEAUTY

sukin1 Up until about two years ago my skin was never sensitive and I could literally use anything on there and never have a problem. One day I bought a facemask from Priceline that I’d never tried before, and it reacted in a very strange way with my face. Immediately after putting it on my face started burning, and after removing it straight away my face was bright red for the next 14 hours. Ever since then, my skin has been incredibly sensitive. I tried a variety of different facemasks and cleansers and all of them seemed to have this awful burning effect on my skin. Then my clever mama bought me Sukin’s facemask. By this stage, I was relatively pessimistic, but as soon as I applied it and realised that it wasn’t making my face feel like the fires of hell, I knew I was onto something good. Since then, I have been slowly hoarding building my collection of Sukin products, and today I wanted to explain to you all why I love the brand so much, and share a few of my favourite products of theirs.

The brand is organic, contains natural ingredients, doesn’t test on animals and is free from any of the nasties that can often cause people’s skin to react. Aside from that, they all smell absolutely delicious and fresh, feel lovely and make my skin absolutely glow. Since using all of their products I have never been happier with my skin, and I’ve even completely converted my sister to using them as well (and I swear this isn’t sponsored, I just have such a crazy amount of love for this brand. An amount that I didn’t really think possible). There are three products which are really the standouts for me when it comes to my collection, ones that I use every single day and would gladly recommend to absolutely everyone sukin3

Foaming Facial Cleanser

I’ve written about this before, but it just still remains a staple in my life. It takes off all of my makeup easily, doesn’t foam too much, and has the signature fresh Sukin scent (which is created by the natural oils used in their products – no synthetic fragrances are used) which makes me actually want to wash my makeup off (I can get very lazy at night time, it’s awful I know. sukin4

Hydrating Mist Toner

I have a bottle of this in my bathroom and one that alternates between my handbag and my bedroom. It’s refreshing and light and I use it throughout the day, especially when it’s hot, for just a little pep-up. sukin2

Facial Treatment Oil*

This has replaced coconut oil as my nightly moisturiser because I feel as though it absorbs much better and I feel oily for a lot less time. I wake up in the morning with my skin feeling moisturised, but without the slight residue that I would sometimes get from coconut oil. sukin5

Purifying Face Masque

The one that started it all. This mask doesn’t burn my face, makes my skin crazy soft and helps to draw out impurities. It looks absolutely disgusting when it’s on your face, but I mean really – when has their ever been a pretty face mask?   While these are just my favourites, my cupboards are full of other Sukin products. It truly is a great company with great values (again – not sponsored I just LOVE them), and if you have any sorts of skin troubles or are just in need of a new skincare routine, I would strongly recommend checking them out. They can be brought here.

Have you tried out Sukin’s products?


  *This product was sent to me for review by Sukin, but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own. I have been using their products for years and am more than happy to genuinely recommend them to friends and family.


7 thoughts on “Sukin Skincare: Can You Have a Crush on a Brand? // BEAUTY

  1. I wish I had bought more than just the Sukin Night Cream when I had the chance to! Really curious about their cleansers and the face mist!

    1. They’re seriously just such a great brand – if you can get your hands on more, I’d really recommend you to!

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