Lorac Pro Palette: First Impression Review // BEAUTY


At what point do you admit that your online shopping habits have become a bit of a problem? Is it when you’ve learnt your card details off by heart, or when you’re on a first-name basic with your postie (Rob ❤ )?

I was musing on this when I heard a car pull into my driveway. “Oh that’ll be Rob bringing my parcel” I thought to myself. Oh dear.

Aside from online shopping purchases, another thing that features far too heavily in my life is neutral eyeshadows. When I decided to make a palette with Inglot’s Freedom System I inadvertently picked all colours that I already have, some I have multiple copies of.

I don’t mean to do it – something just draws me in to shadows that can be made dramatic but also work appropriate, and the golden tones I love just go so well will my eye colour. That’s how I justify it, anyway.

Postie Rob (he always knows where my sister lives and knows that we’re related. Shopping addiction must run in the family) has brought with him my Lorac Pro palette. 16 ‘new’ shades of neutral beauty.

As I live in Australia and this is unavailable in our stores, I purchased the palette off of myqty.com. Shipping time was quite fast – I purchased Saturday and received Thursday – and the product arrived sealed up and well protected.

The palette contains eight matte shades and eight shimmer shades. All are super pigmented and have limited fallout, and the palette comes with a mini eye primer, too.

I haven’t gotten around to playing with it properly as yet, but will post some looks I create with it soon!

I have swatched the colours, though, so you are able to see them on my lovely mum’s (incredible tanned) arm.

L-R: Nude, Champagne, Gold, Lt. Bronze, Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple, Slate
L-R: White, Cream, Taupe, Lt. Pink, Mauve, Sable, Espresso, Black

Do you have this palette? What do you think of it?



4 thoughts on “Lorac Pro Palette: First Impression Review // BEAUTY

  1. Am so jealous you have this palette I’ve been lusting for it for about a year but can’t find it in the uk! 😦 xxx

    1. Aaah such a shame! I was so surprised to be able to get it in Australia! It’s definitely worth it if you can get your hands on it xx

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