Sampling Samples Part 2 // BEAUTY


Welcome to part two of Sampling Samples! If you read part one if this series, then you know the drill! If you didn’t – you can read it here.

4/5 of these samples are from Bellaboxes this time, as I haven’t shopped at Mecca in a while and therefore only have my monthly box of crap mixed samples to report on. So without further ado, here are the next five:



LAQA & CO. – Lip Lube

Similar to Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (god that’s a mouthful), LAQA & CO.’s Lip Lubes are a hydrating lip colour crayon that provides a subtle but buildable wash of colour. I received the colour Stranger Danger (which I had a good laugh at), which is a bright, Barbie pink. The formula is really nice, although the strong peppermint scent is incredibly overpowering and did make me feel quite ill.

Did I enjoy the sample? YES
Would I buy the full-sized product? YES – but maybe in a different colour



Coastal Scents – Revealed Palette Sampler

After having my eye on this palette for a while (neutral palette hoarder? Me? Never.), I was pretty excited to receive a little sample in my Bellabox to test out the formula and see some of the colours in the flesh before purchasing. The sampler included four mini pans of colour, but I was quite disappointed that only one was matte. The formula was pigmented, but quite powdery, and while the shades were nice I probably don’t need the whole palette.

Did I enjoy the sample? YES
Would I buy the full-sized product? NO


SS4Enbacci – Pore Minimiser with Tea Tree Oil

I’ll be honest – I couldn’t quite work out what to do with this product. I assumed as a pore minimiser it would be applied just before makeup, but the consistency is really strange and I don’t know that makeup would sit well on top of it. The tea tree oil scent was very strong and overwhelming, and when I used it (as more of a moisturiser) I really didn’t enjoy the scent.

Did I enjoy the sample? NO
Would I buy the full-sized product? NO


Kate Somerville – CytoCell Dark Circle Corrective Eye Cream

I think this is one of the products where the amount you are given in a sample is not enough to achieve what is said on the package. The eye cream feels nice, but I can’t say I saw any reduction in under-eye circles or darkness in the three uses I got out of the sample.

Did I enjoy the sample? YES
Would I buy the full-sized product? Hard to say


Brauer – Calm Natural Medicine

 Having been a long time lover and used of Rescue Remedy, I was interested to see how this compared. An oral liquid that is said to induce a state of calm and relieve symptoms of stress and mild anxiety, I was really just hoping for something that doesn’t taste like pure alcohol. This just tasted…weird. Like plants. And sugar. And I didn’t feel calm afterwards.

Did I enjoy the sample? NO
Would I buy the full-sized product? NO – ~Rescue Remedy 4 lyf~


What have you sampled recently?



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