Eye of Horus Cosmetics Review // BEAUTY


I was recently sent some products from Eye of Horus Cosmetics to review. Developed in Byron Bay Australia, Eye of Horus creates natural cosmetics based on the processes and ingredients of Ancient Egyptian beauty products.

I was sent four of their products to try out – their Goddess Mascara, Liquid Define eyeliner, Brow Define Pencils and Goddess Eyeshadow Pencils.


Despite being sent these products for review, I want to first and foremost say that as always, my views are 100% honest and all opinions belong to me.


Liquid Define Eyeliner and Goddess Mascara

I am a sucker for liquid eyeliner, and I feel as though I am forever on the quest to find the perfect one. Let me tell you, this one has come pretty close for me. The firm felt tip applicator makes applying the product so easy, and the eyeliner itself is a dark matte black that dries easily and doesn’t smudge. It dries pretty much the second it touches your skin, which although reduces the likelihood of it ending up on your eyelid, does make it a bit harder to touch up if need be.

The eyeliner has a plastic brush, which I’m usually not a huge fan of. I found this mascara to be good, but not great (although I’ve previously spoken about how fussy I am with mascaras). It was super lengthening which was great, but I would have liked to see it give a bit more volume.


Brow Define Pencils

As I love my eyebrows more than I love most people, I am always open to trying new things for them. I received EOH’s Brow Define Pencils in three shades: Husk (light ash blonde), Dynasty (medium brown) and Nile (medium/dark). I instantly noticed how comparable these were to the MAC brow crayons. Almost indentical packaging (with bonus spoolie on one end), and, dare I say it, almost identical product. I found the pencils to apply beautifully, giving a nice natural brow, and lasting almost as long as the MAC ones do. The shades were all quite ashy, but I did notice that when swatched the ‘light ash blonde’ shade was darker than the ‘medium brown’ shade, which I found quite odd.


Goddess Eyeshadow Pencils

I received these in four colours: scarab sapphire, teal malachite, bronze amulet and smokey (black). Each pencil comes with the product up one end and a smudger on the other. When swatched on my hand, the products were smooth and creamy, and smudged really beautifully. I did really struggle smudging them on my eyes, however. They applied as well as on my hands, but I found them to dry super quickly, which meant I’d have to smudge quite hard and I did find my eyes became quite irritated. I found it worked best when applying them in tiny segments and smudging as I went, rather than doing my whole liner then trying to blend it all out. Some shades blended better than others (bronze didn’t budge, teal went smoothly), but overall the product itself was okay. I like the colour range and would happily use them as eyeliner if it didn’t involve the need to smudge them.

All in all I was really quite impressed with the products! Some I probably wouldn’t reach for daily (although I don’t particularly have an affinity for teal eyeliner – that could be why), whereas others (liquid liner, mascara, brow define) could quite easily slot right into my everyday collection.


If you’re interested in trying out any of their products, the code ‘REVIEW’ will get you 15% off.

Have you tried any Eye of Horus Products? What are your thoughts?



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