Favourite Everyday Brushes // BEAUTY


While I don’t wear makeup each and every day, on the days that I do I am very set in my ways. My ‘everyday’ routine rarely strays, and usually the only variation is if I decide to wear eyeliner or not (usually not, because…effort)

Being set in my ways also means that I am very set in my tools. I have a set of brushes which I use to do my face and usually it only changes if I’ve gotten a new brush, or a new product that requires something different.

I wanted to run through the brushes I use for my everyday makeup and give almost a mini review on each one, in the hope that it may help you if you perhaps don’t use brushes at all, or are looking for some new ones.


Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (too filthy to photograph) OR Real Techniques Buffing Brush
After a brief flirtation with the ZOEVA 104 Buffer Brush, I returned to the perfection that is my trusty RT tools. I use NARS Sheer Glow, and I’ve found that my RT sponge is the best way to apply it. It looks beautiful and dewy and doesn’t apply too cakey at all. I use my RT buffer if I want a slightly fuller coverage, as I’ve found this works better with more coverage


ZOEVA 142 Concealer Buffer OR Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
Again, a lot of this comes down to whether I am wearing light or full coverage makeup that day. The RT sponge allows for really light coverage and creates a nice dewy and natural complexion, and the ZOEVA allows me to build up a bit more product if my dark circles are particularly bad that day. I have found however that the ZOEVA brush can be quite harsh as the bristles, although soft, are very dense, so when I do use this one it is with a very light hand



Real Techniques Multi Task Brush
The soft bristles on this make it really easy to apply setting powder lightly and avoid looking too cakey. I often just keep this in my bag with a spare powder for touch ups, especially for while I’m at work and get a bit oily.

brush2 BRONZER

Real Techniques Blush Brush
Constantly using brushes for things they’re not meant for, the HUGE RT Blush Brush makes applying bronzer to your whole face so easy, and I really love the tapered shape of it.

brush4 BLUSH

ZOEVA 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek
The angled shape of this brush makes it really easy to apply a controlled amount of blush to the face, which is really great because I don’t like wearing a whole lot. It also, as all of my ZOEVA’s, has the world’s softest bristles and is the biggest dream to use.


The Body Shop Blusher Brush
While I am not a huge fan of The Body Shop’s makeup at all, I’ve found their brushes to be quite nice. They are soft but dense enough to pick up a good amount of product, and I love their cruelty free stance.


Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 Brush (currently MIA and unable to be photographed – whoops!)
This brush is quite possibly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I never quite thought ‘a really good spoolie’ would play a big part in my life, but that is completely what this brush has going for it. Along with its firm bristles, it allows for super easy application of ABH pomade, and the spoolie helps comb it all through if you’ve applied a touch too much or just want to soften everything up.


What are your go-to brushes? Do you favour particular brands or just pick up anything?



7 thoughts on “Favourite Everyday Brushes // BEAUTY

  1. I love both RT and Zoeva and my daily favs are almost identical to yours! Although I think I like the Zoeva Buffer more than the RT Buffer Brush. Good quality brushes are a good investment but I don’t like to splurge on MAC for example because I find RT and Zoeva to be absolutely great!

    1. I’ve found with the new NARS foundation that my Zoeva buffer works much better and as such have been reaching for that a lot more recently actually!

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