Rediscovery: Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Palette // BEAUTY


Let’s start with a cheeky throwback to the days when the extent of my eyeshadow collection was an Essence quad from Priceline and an NP Set collection that was on sale in Target due to no one wanting the ugly colours contained within it.

I was starting to use makeup more and knew that if I wanted to expand what I could do, my collection couldn’t be all blues and purples, as flattering as the ‘black-eye’ look is. I had my eye on the Naked 2 palette for a while, and after some gentle bribery somehow coerced dad into letting me use his card so I could make this baby mine.

I bought it off Beauty Bay, so after waiting a year* for it to arrive, opening the palette for the first time was akin to the skies opening and the gods shining down on me. It was my first high-end product. It was golden. It was beautiful. And it was mine.

naked4 naked3

I was in love for a good while, but then, as it happens, it slowly got pushed back further and further in my draw, getting pulled out on the rare occasion when I need a pitch black shadow (Blackout is the best black I’ve ever used, but more on that later).

Then on the weekend, in a moment of needing those gorgeous faithful neutrals to match my Kardashian-esque outfit (and in celebration of Mecca announcing it will soon stock Urban Decay), I fell back in love with my Naked 2.


I wanted a warm coppery eye with a bit of black, and being the laziest person in the world was thoroughly impressed that everything I needed was in this one palette (lest I have to bend over to pick up something else).

IMG_1990 IMG_1995

I created this look and know that my beloved Naked 2 will be used many more times in the coming weeks, or at least until I buy something new and accidentally forget about it…

*slight exaggeration, but hot damn their stingy-shipping takes a long time!

What products have you rediscovered that you’ve previously left behind?



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