Hourglass Ambient Lighting Wardrobe Palette // BEAUTY


Something I’m really good at is justifying things I really don’t need and making myself believe that I do. My most recent purchase due to this ‘skill’ was the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette.

I’ve wanted it for a while but due to its high price it was always just something I’d stare at longingly whenever I went to Mecca. The beautiful, sleek packaging all wrapping itself around three crazily beautiful glowing powders. It was perfect and I knew at some point I was going to end up buying it.

While shopping for a friends birthday present I got incredibly mildly sidetracked and ended up shopping for myself. I had some money left on a voucher from my birthday and decided that while it was still valid and I could pick up this beauty for $20 on top of my voucher funds, I might as well do it.

“It’s three products in one”, “I do need a new setting powder” and “I need a different toned highlighter” were my product-justifying terms of choice when it came to buying this bad boy. Despite only the first being true in the slightest, I decided I needed it and wasn’t going to hear any different.


The packaging is beautiful. A metallic browny-gold palette that feels and looks expensive, opening up to reveal three powders, each in an almost pyramid-shaped mound within its place.

The palette consists of three powders – dim light (an all over setting powder), incandescent light (a highlighting powder) and radiant light (a highlighting bronzing powder).


Even as I handed over my card I was a touch skeptical about how good this product could be. How could something be raved about SO much when it’s just a highlighter?

Oh, how naïve I was. When used together, the three literally make you feel like a glowing goddess. I shone – but not like a disco ball – and felt like I could take on anything the world threw at me. So while this was definitely a luxury purchase, I am absolutely in love and would very happily bathe my body in this stuff if it wasn’t so damn expensive. The palette can be purchased here.

I apologise for the lack of swatches/swatch pictures in this post! My normal camera lens has decided to absolutely give up on me and taking a photo of your own arm with a 50mm lens is literally impossible. I will adjust this in the near future and include swatches ASAP.

Do you have the ambient lighting wardrobe palette? What do you think of it?



6 thoughts on “Hourglass Ambient Lighting Wardrobe Palette // BEAUTY

    1. Seriously all three used together are incredible! And the product itself is such good quality (as you’d know, having diffused light!). I’d definitely recommend it!

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