Feel The Burn: How To Cope With Sunburn // BEAUTY


Always. Wear. Sunscreen. This is the advice I usually give everyone, and I am always the person telling off my friends for lying in the sun without their SPF on. But alas, in a moment of stupidity that friend became me, and I ended up a nice crispy shade of red.

The best way to deal with sunburn is to obviously prevent it from happening in the first place. Australia has a huge number of skin cancer sufferers within our population, and looking golden brown is just not worth the trauma you are subjecting your skin to. You can get a tan from a bottle, and it’ll make you look even better when you’re 70 and don’t look like a leather handbag.

In the instance, however, that you do forget to slip slop slap, there are a few things which you can do to make the process slightly less painful and hopefully prevent shedding like a snake for the next week. Here are the best tips for dealing with sunburn.


While this may not help with the physical burn, it will help your insides feel a lot better. You obviously heat up a bit when you’re severely burnt, so ensuring that you drink enough water should be a top priority. You should be drinking at least 2L per day regardless, so make sure you top up your fluid intake and prevent yourself from feeling worse than you already do. Plus, when your body is hydrated your skin is, too.


When I got burnt I just wanted to lie in a cold bath in the foetal position and cry for hours. While I opted against that to keep my sanity intact, I did make sure that I was keeping my burn cool. I kept a damp flannel or two in the fridge and applied them to my burn whenever it was feeling particularly fiery and it helped to ease the immediate pain.


Let’s be real – no one likes a flakey friend. You don’t want to be that person that moves and creates a snowstorm with every step because your skin is falling off your body. Moisturising immediately – AND OFTEN – after you’ve been burnt is the best way to prevent an unrequested White Christmas or an uncomfortable dinner table situation. I found that when I was burnt I used a combination of two moisturisers to help my skin stay hydrated – Redwin Sorbolene Cream which had been kept in the fridge to cool my skin during the day, and Sukin Skin Oil just before bed to ensure my skin stayed moisturised overnight.


Like I said earlier – the best way to deal with sunburn is to not deal with it at all. A tan isn’t worth risking your health for, but if you’re silly like me these are some ways which you can deal with it.


How do you cope with sunburn?



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