Sampling Samples Part 1 // BEAUTY

3fiveI have an ever-growing collection of tear-off packs and miniature versions of beauty products in my bathroom. I have been subscribed to Bellabox for a while which is where a lot of it comes from, but they also appear around the place due to magazines, goodie bags and trips to Mecca. I have decided that there is no point getting Bellabox if I just open it, look at the things and say either ‘cool!’ or ‘hmm it’s not that great this month’, so I’ve decided to bit by bit review all of the samples that I have in the hope that I will stumble upon something wonderful and new.

This will be a bit of a series, so welcome to part one of Sampling Samples. I plan on reviewing five at a time, until either my samples run out or it becomes extremely boring. Let’s see how we go, hey?


Eve Lom – Flawless Radiance Primer

Sometimes I wish I didn’t try samples of ridiculously expensive things, because I immediately then want to go and buy them. Case in point being this primer. I received this sample from Mecca and only got around to trying it out today. It came in a tearoff pack with a decent amount in it, enough for quite a few uses. I applied a tiny bit to my face and it was immediately like the heavens had smiled down on me. The cream was so light, made my skin look amazing and helped my makeup stay on much longer than normal.

Did I enjoy the sample? YES
Would I buy the full-sized product? YES (if I wasn’t a poor student)


Maybelline – SuperStay Better Skin

 To begin with – the shade that was sent to me was nowhere near my skin tone. I wanted to try out the formula of this foundation anyway though, as I had honestly heard nothing but bad things about it. I really wasn’t a fan. It didn’t sit on my skin nicely, applied streaky and oxidised after about ten minutes, leaving me again with a nice shade of orange on my face (maybe it’s just Maybelline foundations that dislike me? Who knows). Pretty disappointed, but glad I was able to sample it before buying a bottle to review.

Did I enjoy the sample? NO
Would I buy the full-sized product? NO


Neutrogena – Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub

Despite not having acne-prone skin, this is the third time I’ve been sent an acne-fighting product in my Bellabox (come on guys, sort yourselves out). This product smelt incredibly fresh while in the tube, but when you’re faced with a larger quantity of it while washing your face the scent becomes quite sickly. I also found the scrub to be incredibly harsh on my skin, and made it feel super dry after using it.

Did I enjoy the sample? NO
Would I buy the full-sized product? NO


Indio – Eye Rise Lift and Hydrate Eye Cream

This product is a tinted eye cream, which is meant to be used prior to makeup application. While I’ve only tried the product a few times and therefore cannot comment on whether it gave my eyes ‘rise’ or ‘lift’, I definitely did notice that the skin around my eyes felt super hydrated and nice after using this product. I’m not a fan of the tinted nature of the cream, however, as I’d like to also be able to use it before bed and not feel as though I’m putting makeup on.

Did I enjoy the sample? YES
Would I buy the full-sized product? NO


Elizabeth Mott – It’s So Big! Mascara

I really struggle with finding a mascara that I actually like, but this is definitely one that has captured my heart. It lengthens and gives volume but isn’t clumpy, and is super easy to take off. 10/10, no complaints whatsoever.

Did I enjoy the sample? YES
Would I buy the full-sized product? YES


What have you sampled recently that you’ve then gone and purchased?




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