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I think it’s plain to see that as an overall race, humans treat our Earth pretty poorly. We take our resources for granted, and act as though we can just pop over to another Earth when we run out. I am completely guilty of doing this sometimes, too. My showers are often long, I forget to recycle things, and  I am always using a lot of electricity.

There are, however, small ways in which I reduce my carbon footprint as best as I can, and I wanted to share them with you in the hope that they inspire you to do the same. I’m super passionate about the environment and the beautiful world around us, and I want to ensure that it is preserved for our future generations, so here are some things I do which help to make my little contribution to our Earth.


Snow-peas from my dad’s own veggie garden!

We can easily reduce our carbon emissions by sourcing our food as locally to us as we possibly can. Even if you pick up the Australian garlic over the imported garlic at the supermarket, you’re reducing your own carbon footprint. I am super lucky that about ten minutes from my house is the most incredible produce store, where I can buy heaps of amazing local goodies for a really cheap price. Even if you don’t have this luxury, there is more than likely going to be great farmers markets around your area, where you can be environmentally conscious and support local farmers at the same time.

You can go even more local (if your situation allows it) and grow some produce at home. Herbs can be grown on a windowsill, or you can go all out and create your own veggie patch. Its much easier popping to the garden to get some tomatoes than going to the shops, and you can eat your beautiful organic goods with a sense of pride. Jamie Durie has a wonderful book on getting started on your own edible garden that is definitely worth a read.



Whenever we wash our hair, face or clothes, we’re often not thinking about where the products we use go after they’ve cleaned us. While looking after your skin and avoiding chemicals is obviously super important, it’s also important to realise that whatever we put on our bodies also goes down our drains and eventually into our oceans. Sukin Organics are my absolute favourite natural skincare brand (as anyone who’s read my blog for a while would know), and they’ve just added three new products to their already huge collection (Moisture Rich Body Crème, Facial Treatment Oil and BioNatural Skin Oil*), all of which are vegan, paraben free and natural. The Facial Treatment oil is my particular favourite (it leaves my skin soft but not oily, as other oils sometimes tend to do), but all three are worth a look if you want to be more chemically-aware and treat your skin that little bit better. Sukin products can be bought here.



Throughout your life, you either outgrow your clothes or there comes a time when you just aren’t particularly fond of them anymore. What happens next can have a huge impact on the environment. So many people just throw away their old clothes, when there are so many options for them. Donate them to a friend, a charity shop, or even get a market stall somewhere and sell them so you can buy some new ones!

Buying smart is also a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint. I recently stumbled upon a brand called Chief Eyewear, and immediately fell in love with the concept. They’re a local Melbourne company (so again – buying locally and reducing emissions that way), and they make their sunglasses out of bamboo and recycled skateboards. This means that not only are they sustainable, but also super interesting and unique. I have the Cherokee Skateboard Black/Purple sunnies* and absolutely love them. Plus as an added bonus, $5 from each pair bought goes straight to charity, so you can look cool AND get good karma from it. The sunglasses are such a great idea, and if you’re interested in a pair they can be purchased here or found on Instagram – @chiefeyewear.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

There’s a huge problem at my uni whereby people drive there with just themselves in the car and take up all of the car spots. Apart from being really annoying (although let’s be honest – this is also me who does it), it is really awful for the environment to have that many cars chugging out pollution. Where possible, try and avoid being in these situations. Whether you carpool, walk, or take public transport, you are helping to free up the roads and free up the air. That’s something I’ll be aiming and able to do this year thanks to the best birthday present ever – my new bike! So happy to be jetting around my town on this little beauty from Reid Cycles.

While there are SO many more ways to reduce your impact on the environment, these are just a few that I wanted to share with you all in the hope that you’ll have a look at your habits and perhaps be compelled to make a few changes. We only have one earth, so let’s look after her in the best way we can!

What do you do to reduce your environmental impact?


*This post contains items which have been sent to me for review. However, all thoughts and opinions are completely my own, and reviews are totally honest. Products are marked with a ‘*’. 


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