TAG Body Art: Glitters and Paint First Impression // BEAUTY


I’m part of a makeup/beauty group on Facebook which has around 15k members that share tips and tricks, ask for beauty advice and show off their makeup looks.

A little while ago, a girl shared that she does face painting for children’s parties, and found that the black body paint she uses is great to do eyeliner with. She also mentioned that their glitters and pigments are great for makeup, too. I was super curious as I love experimenting with different mediums, and am always down for popping some glitter on my face.

I decided to order some of their products, and decided on plain black face paint to test out this eyeliner, as well as three types of glitter – purple and white mica pigments, and holographic glitter.

The shipping was fairly slow (around two weeks), however I did order right before the Christmas/New Year period, so that is understandable.

The products came packaged really well, and wrapped securely in bubble wrap so as to not damage them.

Please excuse my horrendous eyebrows

When I first used the black face paint for eyeliner, I wasn’t hugely impressed. I was using my Zoeva 312 detail liner brush, and found that the product just wasn’t very vibrant and was difficult to apply. I then wet the brush, and my opinion completely changed. The product became such a dark black and applied so easily to the eye, I was really happy with how it looked. I got the 32gm container (which is the smallest one and is HUGE if you’re just using it as an eyeliner), which cost me $7.30.


Next I tried out the mica pigments. Each powder comes in a 15ml pot (which costs $6.90), with a divider in the centre and a protective sticker keeping the pigment from coming through that divider. Top tip: when removing said sticker, please be aware that pulling too hard will cause the lid to pop off and glitter to go EVERYWHERE. I learnt this the hard way. You have been warned.


Similarly to the face paint, the pigments appeared a more intense colour when applied wet, however were much more difficult to apply. The white created a beautiful silvery shine and the purple was vibrant but could be toned down, too. I also noticed the purple seemed to lose some of it’s sparkle when wet, but the colour remained vibrant.


Finally, I tried out the holographic glitter. I purchased the ‘holographic white’ shade, in the small 12gm puffer bottle for $5.95. Definitely the most “face paint”-y product I bought, this is probably one that will be saved for special occasions and dress ups, however due to its holographic nature creates the most beautiful affect when applied dry or wet (which is far more intense). When wet, it also uses a lot more product, and as such comes off more ‘chunky’ due to the thick nature of the glitter.


Overall, on first impressions I am really quite impressed with the products. Though the pigments and glitter might be saved for more “out-there” makeup, I can definitely see myself using the black face paint for eyeliner purposes quite regularly. The products are also great as due to the fact that they are used on the face, they are completely safe for cosmetic use. Also a big thank you to my mum for once again being my arm model. You’re a gem, Els.

Have you ever tried any TAG products? What are your thoughts?



2 thoughts on “TAG Body Art: Glitters and Paint First Impression // BEAUTY

    1. Haha I was actually thinking of you and your facepainting when I was writing this! It was such an impulse buy but I love glitter too much

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