LimeCrime Velvetine ‘Utopia’ Review // BEAUTY


Up until recently I only owned one LimeCrime product – a lipstick (Coquette) that sits untouched in the back of my drawers due to how hideous it looks on me, and its sickly sweet scent.

A few weeks ago, LimeCrime announced that they were to stop being sold in stores in Australia and New Zealand, a business move which many found questionable. Upon hearing of this, I decided to put off purchasing their Utopia Velvetine, something which I had had my eyes on for quite some time.

I purchased the Velvetine off Princess Polly, and the service was incredible. 20 minutes (!!) after confirming my order I received an email to say it had shipped, and I received it the next morning.

Velvetines are (direct from the LimeCrime website) “Ground-breaking formula that goes on liquid and dries completely matte. Touch-proof, transfer-proof, long-wearing and utterly addictive!”. I wanted to test out how long they lasted, how drying they were (something I often hear people complain about) and if they really were ‘transfer-proof’.


The colour of the lipstick itself is incredible, such a beautiful and vibrant pink/purple shade. While I generally stay away from pinks, the purple tones in this drew me in, and I’m so glad because the colour is amazing. The packaging of the product is also gorgeous. A frosted plastic tube which still shows the vibrant colour of the liquid, and a beautiful red metallic lid, which is attached to the small doe-foot applicator inside the tube.

I found the lipstick quite easy to apply. I used lip balm about five minutes beforehand to avoid the product clinging to any dry spots on my lips, then applied it directly from the applicator to my lips.

Immediately after application – bright, even colour

I immediately disliked the texture of the lipstick. It dries super fast, but as it’s in its half-dry stage it feels chalky and sticky, and very unpleasant. This feeling eventually goes, however I did find a few times during the day when my lips pressed together that they were a tiny bit sticky.

Five hours later, after eating, drinking, a cheeky kiss or two and a fierce round of mini golf, I checked to see how my lipstick was going. It had worn off quite a bit around the inside of my lips, but the colour still remained quite strong.

Five hours post-application

I wouldn’t say that the lipstick is ‘transfer-proof’ or ‘touch-proof’ to be honest. While they didn’t wear off or rub if my hand brushed past them lightly, and pressure would leave residue on the other surface, and wipe some of the product off my lips. In saying that, I probably wouldn’t usually go for five hours without reapplying lipstick anyway, this was just for the purpose of this post.

Overall, I really enjoyed the product. LimeCrime/Doe Deere controversy aside, it’s a really solid product and comes in some great colours which I would happily buy more of. I can’t see myself wearing this shade every day, but would be happy to rock this every now and then.

Have you tried Velvetines? What are your thoughts?



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