First Impression: Blackout Mask // BEAUTY


If you’ve been seeing people on your newsfeed recently who look like they’ve smeared Vegemite all over their face and are as confused as I was, let me explain. Blackout Mask is a relatively new business which sells facemasks made from activated charcoal and coconut oil. Similar to the Frank body scrub shower shot epidemic of 2013, Blackout encourages you to take photos with their products on and add it to the #bomlove hashtag. Another company which has benefited hugely from social media promotion, Blackout seemed to come from nowhere (at least on my feed, anyway).

I was curious to try it out for a few reasons. My skin reacts to face masks like there’s no tomorrow, and there’s only ever been one that hasn’t burnt like the depths of hell (shoutout to my babe Sukin for that one). Plus, it’s made from two of 2014’s most hyped up ‘superfoods’ (yes, people ate charcoal. And yes, I have so many issues with that), so I was curious to see what it did for my skin.

The mask was $15 with $5 postage for Australia. I ordered the mask on a Sunday night, it was shipped Monday afternoon and arrived on Thursday, so rather quick postage. It arrived in an AusPost tough bag, and came with the mask and application brush.


When I first applied the mask the first thing I noticed was that it didn’t burn or tingle my skin whatsoever. This was a great sign to start off with, as like I mentioned earlier I usually have really bad reactions to face masks. The mask was cooling, and was nice and smooth to apply, unlike some which can be quite lumpy and don’t feel very nice.

When it came to washing off the mask, this is where the only negative came into play. While it started to come off easy enough, it did become more difficult to remove with just water, and I had to employ the use of my cleanser to get every bit of residue off.

Overall, my skin felt nice afterwards. I can’t make any grand judgements as I’ve only used it once, but I’ll keep you updated if it makes any dramatic differences in my skin. It’s a good buy if you need a present for someone, want to treat yourself, or want the novelty of looking like a coal miner and frightening your family.


Blackout can be bought here.

Have you tried Blackout Mask?



2 thoughts on “First Impression: Blackout Mask // BEAUTY

  1. Hi are you still using this product? I want to know if there are any long-term negative effects (I have very sensitive, acne-prone skin). I’ve only heard raving reviews but I’m scared they may be too good to be true!!

    1. Hey! Sorry for the slight delay in reply. I’ve actually stopped using it because my skin really didn’t get along well with it. I found it impossible to remove and, even when using hot water like they suggested, it just felt greasy and I struggled to get it off my face haha! It’s okaaaay but I definitely wouldn’t buy it again, nor actively recommend it. I think it’s a novelty more than anything x

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