kikki.K Homewares Haul // STYLE


Public Service Annoucement: kikki.K sell homewares and they’re really bloody cute.

My obsession with this shop is actually getting to the point of ridiculous. Every time I go in there I spend a ridiculous amount of money that I do not have on things that I definitely do not need. For a long time I’ve been trying to avoid buying their homewares and pretending that they’re not beautiful, because the reality is that I still live with my parents and I have no need for beautiful bowls and plates. At least not when I can’t afford a whole set of them, anyway. I caved. And now I have a mis-matched collection of a few bits and pieces that will probably end up used more as blog props than eating utensils, BUT…they are beautiful. I wanted to run you through what I got, just incase you weren’t aware that a) kikki.K sell more than stationery and b) it is beautiful. The package arrived in the world’s largest box. Super quick delivery, and everything was packed so well to ensure no breaking. I was super impressed and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from them again. Everything I bought is from the Live Bright range, so they all go well together and are a white/gold colour scheme. This post is definitely more picture heavy than wordy, but I just wanted to share with you all my purchases! I bought them all except the beautiful glass bottle and cup, which was a gift from my lovely boyfriend.   IMG_1614 IMG_1612 IMG_1601 IMG_1582 IMG_1594

Items can be purchased here:
BOTTLE (glasses currently unavailable online)
WHITE BOWL (copper bowl currently unavailable online)

Have you shopped at kikki.K recently or do you have any of their homewares?



5 thoughts on “kikki.K Homewares Haul // STYLE

  1. oh my god!! i’ve never heard of this brand (london gal) but why is that bowl unavailable online i need it in my life. i’ll have to settle for the vase, i feel far to over excited about this post and these homewares, i am definitely channeling gold as a colour at the moment!!

    1. Oh aren’t they perfect!? The bowl was originally available online, I’m under the impression that it’s gone to make way for new stock – but either way their new collection is sure to be beautiful, too! X

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