December Favourites // LIFE



As the end of the month (and year – whaaaat?!) draws closer, I wanted to give a shout out to all of the things that I’ve been loving this month. I’ve tried heaps of new things this month, so it’s a really diverse list that isn’t just strictly beauty-related.


My skin has been thanking me a whole lot for using this cleansing brush. I’ve done an entire in-depth review on my Clarisonic, which can be read here.



When I purchased my Clarisonic, I needed a cleanser to go with it. You receive a trial-sized Clarisonic-brand cleanser in the box, but I much prefer something a bit more natural, as my skin can react to new things quite easily. I love Sukin as a brand, but have never tried their cleansers, so picked this one up from Priceline. It has a beautiful fresh citrus-y smell, which all Sukin products tend to carry, and foams up nicely leaving my face feel beautiful and clean. I’d definitely recommend this for anyone who prefers natural products or reacts to ones with lots of chemicals in them.



Let me first get the awful part out of the way first – this mascara is discontinued. I thought it was long gone. I thought the days of Lash Maxxxx, my favourite ever mascara, had passed me by. It was then I found a brand new tube, stocked away in the cupboard. The skies had opened up and the makeup lords were smiling down at me. Alas, it was a tube that had clearly been purchased long ago so to be perfectly honest it lasted about two weeks before it dried up into a horrible clumpy mess, but those two weeks we had back together were beautiful, and I will never forget you, dear Lash Maxxxx ❤



Having heard a lot of mixed reviews about Strobe Cream, I bought it on a bit of an impulse. I’ve really been enjoying using it, after moisturiser and before foundation, to just give my skin a bit of a lift. I’m really loving the smell of it, and it makes my skin feel super fresh. I wouldn’t say it gives me the same “glow” that it seems to for some people, but it definitely seems to make me look more alive in the mornings, and with a name that reminds me of grade six disco parties, what is there not to love?


Despite not being the prettiest topic, I’m sure the majority of the people reading this have to deal with having their period. It’s always good to be conscious about what’s going in or near your body, and TOM pads and tampons are made with just one ingredient – organic cotton. While TOM brand is slightly costlier than the brands you might regularly buy, it’s comforting to know that no bleach or chemicals may be harming you.



I don’t usually drink soft drink, but when I came across this in the supermarket recently, I remembered trying it a few years back in England and really enjoying it. I bought a bottle and since then have had quite a few more. The subtle rose flavour is really refreshing in Summer, and nice to have as a treat.


Although I have a sweet tooth, I also have a relatively high level of self-control. That is not the case, however, when it comes to this fudge. I shared my recipe here a few weeks back, and in the lead up to Christmas have made a few more batches as gifts. I’m very lucky that it’s only the off cuts I can eat, because otherwise I think I would have put on about 10kg by now. It is I strongly recommend whipping up a batch or two for your loved ones this festive season!


While I’m not a big listener of podcasts/audiobooks and the like, I found myself absolutely hooked to Serial this month. After binge listening to the first 11 episodes, I was absolutely heartbroken to realise that this week’s is the final episode. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do with myself when it’s over apart from furiously Google to try and work out what ACTUALLY happened, but I do recommend that anyone who is interested in true crime download them, have a listen, and work out what you think of the case. It can be found here


As regular readers know, I recently returned from a trip to India. While in Mumbai, I learnt of Shantaram, the well-known book which is the story of an Australian criminal. I started reading it when I got home, and it’s so wonderful to hear him explain places that I’ve been, food that I’ve eaten, or sights that I’ve seen only recently. It also combines my love of true crime stories, which is always a plus.

I can’t believe the year’s nearly over! What have you been loving this month?



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