Christmas On A Budget: Part Three // LIFE


The third and final instalment of my DIY Christmas series is another beauty-related one. Keeping with the first two, this is a SUPER easy project that can be made in bulk, meaning gifts for everyone (and some for yourself, of course)!

These lotion bars (think Lush’s King of Skin style) are made with just three ingredients, and can be changed any which way you so desire. Once again – simple, customisable and cheap. A big old thank you to my beautiful mama whose recipe this is, and who helped me create these beautiful little bars.




  • Equal quantities of beeswax and coconut oil (I used around 65gm and it made 10 small bars)
  • Lavender oil – around 10-15 drops
  • I also used some dried lavender, but this was purely for visual effect and completely optional

You will also need a chocolate mould or ice cube tray in the shape of your choice. I used stars to make it a bit more ‘Christmassy’




  • Roughly chop beeswax
  • Melt beeswax and coconut oil in a double boiler over a very low heat
  • When melted and combined, add in lavender oil. You can add less or more depending on how strong you want the scent to be, or choose a different pure essential oil
  • Place a small amount of dried lavender into the bottom of each mould, then drizzle just enough beeswax liquid over the top to set the flowers in place. Leave this to set slightly (this should only take ~30 seconds) then top up the moulds with more liquid. Repeat until all liquid has been used
  • Refrigerate until set, pop out of moulds and use! They should be stored in the fridge for best results, especially in warmer climates/months.


These are great for if you have to buy a small gift for quite a few people, and the small size means they are really easy to use. Enjoy! I’d love to know how you get on if you make them.

What is your favourite part of Christmas?



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