Taming The Caterpillars: My Top Three Brow Products // BEAUTY



As someone who was born with caterpillars adorning their face (read: “naturally thick eyebrows”), I have welcomed the bold brow trend in with open arms.

While my brows are naturally dark and bushy, they are a bit sparse in some places thanks to a scar or two causing them to grow irregularly.

Part of my daily makeup routine now is filling in my brows. I don’t ‘draw them on’, I just fill in the areas where they are a bit hairless, and have to make them match the other due to their bizarre growth patterns.

I’ve gone through many, many products trying to find my Holy Grail eyebrow products, and while some have left me looking like a 40-year-old Serbian man, others have become a staple part of my makeup collection.

Here are my top three brow products:


MAC Cosmetics Eye Brows in Spiked ($30)

Although this is my least favourite of the three products spoken about here, the MAC Eye Brows pencil will forever hold a place in my heart. The first MAC product I ever owned, this stuff stays on all day and is really great for filling in areas where hairs don’t grow and for just giving a little extra to your brows


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate ($18USD) and #12 brush ($18USD)

Another product that I put off buying for a very long time, the Anastasia Dipbrow is absolutely bulletproof. I actually struggle to remove it from my face at the end of the day, so if you’re after brows that will last through anything, this is the one for you. The pomade itself is in a fairly small pot, but with the amount of product actually needed, I think this might last me until I’m about 80. While the brush isn’t really necessary, I have found it to be the best thing to apply the Dipbrow with, as the brush is super thin and the spoolie is firm and brushes the product through really well.


Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Dark Brunette ($44)

Oh, sweet baby Yeezus. I thought I’d found perfection in ABH Dipbrow, and then I found this. When I first purchased it, I cringed at the exorbitant amount of money I was paying for a brow product. Despite the hype and great reviews, I just couldn’t believe that a pencil could be that good. My lord was I wrong. The Hourglass pencil is a double-ended product, with a spoolie up one end and a waxy nib of goodness up the other. The product itself is a beautiful ashy-toned brown that isn’t as intense as Dipbrow, meaning application takes around 1/3 of the time, and the brows that you get as a result are even better.


L-R: MAC, ABH, Hourglass

I do realise that these options are all relatively costly considering what they are, but I’ve tried so many and these are just the ones that work best for me. It’s all about finding out what works with your hair colour/brow colour and budget.

What’s your favourite brow product? Have you tried any of these?



6 thoughts on “Taming The Caterpillars: My Top Three Brow Products // BEAUTY

    1. The pomade is much better value for money because you only use the tiniest bit, but I personally prefer the final effect of the Hourglass one!

  1. I really love the BrowZings by Benefit. Also, I like the Revlon one that has an eyebrow pencil at one end and a gel + spoolie at the other end!

    1. I’ve been tossing up about BrowZings, I’m not sure I’d like it! I tried that Revlon one and really didn’t get on with it unfortunately!

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