What is a Clarisonic and why do I need one? // BEAUTY

IMG_1106 For a very long time I put off purchasing a Clarisonic face brush. I fought the urges. I ignored the displays in Mecca. I tried to convince myself that washing my face with my hands was enough. But finally, I succumbed.

For those who aren’t aware, a Clarisonic is a facial cleansing brush that is essentially an electric toothbrush for your face. Often imitated, the Clarisonic uses patented technology which oscillates rather than spins, meaning it doesn’t drag your skin as it cleans. When used with a cleanser, the Clarisonic claims to clean 6 times better than hands alone. Constantly being too lazy to wash my makeup off at nighttime (whoops), I thought that perhaps the novelty of the face brush might persuade me to wash my face before bed each night.

IMG_1117I’ve been using the brush for about a week and a half now, and despite the initial ‘purge’ of all the gunk removing itself from your face, I don’t think my skin has ever felt so nice (in saying that though, my ‘purge’ period was about two days long and involved about three spots, so I’m still cautious that hell-spawn may erupt from my face at any time).

IMG_1110I’ve been using the brush with a Sukin foaming cleanser (there will be more on that later in the month), and straight after washing my face my skin just absolutely glows and feels so incredibly soft. The Clarisonic comes with a trial-sized Clarisonic cleanser to use with the brush, but I didn’t find that one to get along with my face very well, and it made me slightly irritated. I will always remove my eye makeup with Garnier’s Micellar Water before using the brush, as I don’t want to use the brush on the delicate skin around my eyes.

I’ve been using the brush once or twice a day, and have been found it to be fine. It’s generally recommend that you begin with three times a week, then work your way up to once and eventually twice a day once your skin gets used to it, but I’ll be honest I never saw that advice until after I’d already begun using it (typical). My skin does get a bit red directly after use (see picture below), but that fades within 5-10 minutes.


I purchased the original Clarisonic ‘Mia’ brush, which is the basic, single speed white-coloured variety. It was $150 from Mecca Maxima, and came with the sensitive brush head. There are, however, multiple varieties of both the brush itself and the brush head, so research this before making a purchase and determine which one would be best suited to your needs.IMG_1118

The cost may seem quite high to begin with, especially as there are so many dupes out there for much cheaper prices, however I believe the Clarisonic is completely worth the price, and due to the patented technology no other brush can actually compare. Especially when considering how long the brush will last, I think it’s a completely worthwhile investment.

– Soft and glowing skin
– Easy makeup removal which is great for lazy people
– Waterproof

– The initial cost of the brush may not be in everyone’s price range
– The purging period can be complete and utter hell, may you may also not have one at all

Clarisonic brushes can be purchased here


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