Australis Mix-It Colour Correcting Foundation Review // BEAUTY

Sometimes you come across products that you fall in love with instantly, and sometimes you come across products that are the absolute opposite. This foundation was one of them.

Let’s get this out of the way first – I LOVE Australis as a brand. I think they make some really wonderful products, they’re Australian made and don’t test on animals. The brand itself I have no issues with.

I obviously don’t like giving things horrible reviews unless I genuinely feel that they deserve it, but let’s just say I couldn’t bring myself to wear this in public for an entire day. I had to wear it inside the house to review it, because I felt I looked too ridiculous to go outside.

I purchased the Australis Mix-It Colour Correcting Foundation when it first arrived in Priceline a little while ago. At that stage, there were four colours to choose from (there are now six), and I picked up the lightest shade nude.

The packaging itself is great. Sure, it looks ‘cheap’, but I’m not one to snub items based on what the outside looks like. The tube promises that the yellow, mauve and green pigments will correct any discrepancies in your skin tone, and create a radiant complexion. It also states that the medium-full coverage will leave skin with a ‘natural satin finish’. It smells like Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, which to be honest could never be a negative, ever.

Pre-application, looking like a 12 year old


The coverage I found to definitely be more on the light-medium side (I had to use quite a lot of product to actually achieve what I would consider ‘medium’ coverage), and the finish was quite dewy but didn’t leave me looking sparkly. The finish was nice, but it was the colour and colour-correcting side of things that I really had an issue with.

When I first squeezed it out of the tube, I had a feeling it was going to be far too light for me, as the limited colour range didn’t give me much room to choose the perfect shade. I started applying it and was actually quite surprised at how well it matched my skin. However, this lasted for about two seconds, and then the yellow colour-correcting pigments took over and morphed my face into the most bizarre shade I’ve ever seen. The foundation went patchy immediately, and I know I definitely applied it evenly.

After one application – patchy and yellow

The foundation did cover my redness; I will definitely give it that. It was just far too yellow for my skin tone, and after about twenty minutes turned such a dark orange shade, and was still so patchy.

I also tried to apply a second coat to see if that would correct the patchiness, but it was near impossible to do so. The second coat wouldn’t blend in, instead just sitting on top of the first, looking quite slimy.

All in all, this is definitely not what I’d call a good foundation, however do realise that this comes down to skin type, skin tone and personal preference. If you’re in the market for a new foundation, this wouldn’t be at the top of my list of recommendations, however it’s a budget friendly option that’s worth trying to see if you like it.

After one coat – definitely not ‘medium to full’ coverage



  • Australian made company
  • Did cover redness as promised
  • Smells like Terry’s choc oranges


  • Not the nicest consistency
  • Not a huge fan of the packaging
  • Made me look a bit like a Terry’s choc orange

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