So I acquired some M.A.C products… // BEAUTY

L-R: Cyber, Heroine, Rebel

While travelling, everyone knows that one of the best parts is always duty free goodies. On the way home from India, we had a fairly decent wait at Bombay airport, and with the recent opening of the MAC store there it would be rude not to have a browse right?

Lipsticks were $20USD as an introductory price, which although is more expensive than America, is still a whole lot cheaper than back home (they retail at $36AUD)!

While there, I purchased three lipsticks: rebel, heroine and cyber, and I also picked up a pro-longwear concealer in NC15 ($27USD), which is probably a touch too fair for my complexion.

Meanwhile on the other side of the hemisphere, my darling boyfriend was adventuring America, and popping into multiple MAC stores armed with a very specific list I’d given him.mac2

L-R: Hang Up, Honey Love, Creme D’Nude, Velvet Teddy

Upon his return, he’d managed to get his hands on all but one item I’d requested (though it was not for lack of trying – he went to EIGHT different stores trying to find me Whirl lipliner). When he returned home, I was now the proud owner of four more new lipsticks (hang up, velvet teddy, creme d’nude and honey love) and a vanilla pigment. With the three that I bought and the four that he did, I now have a nice mix of both bold colours and wearable nudes. The vanilla pigment is so shiny and beautiful, and adds such a nice sparkle to the inner corner of the eyes when used there.

About a week later, I received an email from MAC informing me that they had free shipping for that day only.

While I love their pigments, I don’t think I’d ever get through one of the full sized jars in any colour but Vanilla, however the more conveniently sized ‘to-go’ jars are only available in the pro stores (the nearest one to me is an hour away!) or online. I took advantage of the shipping offer and purchased a ‘to-go’ pigment in Old Gold as well as a ‘to-go’ sized strobe cream (this works out better value than the full size and saves a trip to South Yarra). While I’m not completely in love with the pigment, it is a nice shade that will get used on the odd occasion where I need a bit more sparkle (Christmas, I’m talking to you).mac3

So, although my MAC collection has grown rapidly in a very short amount of time, I’m super happy with the purchases I’ve made and think that they’re ones that will make regular appearances on my face. Shoutout to my angel boyfriend for trekking into terrifying and unfamiliar territory in the name of Kylie Jenner-esque lips.

What’s your favourite MAC product?



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