What’s In My Carry On? // LIFE

IMG_0955As previously mentioned in this post, I am travelling to India with my uni – leaving tomorrow! Because everyone loves a snoop (even if you can’t admit it), I thought I’d let you all snoop inside my carry-on luggage, and show you my essentials for the long flights ahead of me.


Spiral Backpack: ASOS
Despite unintentionally picking the world’s most masculine backpack, I like it because it’s spacious but not huge, and will be great for everyday use. The inside is surprisingly big, and has lots of different compartments, which will be great for separating all my bits and bobs.IMG_0962


Travel Wallet: Typo (colour not available online)
A travel wallet is always a good idea as it’s handy to have somewhere to keep all your important things together. This one was such a beautiful colour that I couldn’t go past it

Large Notebook: Typo
As I’m going on an academic trip, I need to take something which I can take in my bag day-to-day to allow me to take notes. This notebook from Type is great, because as well as being big enough to allow me to write easily, it’s made of a really sturdy material, meaning it won’t be bending all over the place while I’m trying to write.

iPad Mini: Apple
Again, due to the academic nature of the trip, I do have to complete assessments while I’m over there. While the notebook will be great for taking notes while I’m out and about, I needed something which I could complete thorough and concise coursework on while away. I didn’t want to take my laptop, and even a regular sized iPad was a bit too bulky, but the Mini is a perfect size and definitely travel-friendly.

Passport – not going to get too far without that one!



Book: Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham
Oh, Lena. I don’t have to say a lot more about this other than that I have been desperately wanting to dig into it since I bought it. I am, however, saving it for the plane, so I’ll keep you updated on what I think of it when I return.

Camera: Canon PowerShot SX700
Having only used my DSLR for the last five years, I haven’t had a small camera for a very long time. I wanted something that wasn’t bulky but still worked as well as my beloved ‘big camera’, and this fits that bill perfectly. Super affordable and with the ability to take a picture that’s far better than decent, this will be great for taking my tourist snaps while I’m away.


Travel Journal: Kikki K
I fell in love with this diary as soon as I saw it. Full of pages for writing about your day, prompts to keep memories you may otherwise forget and a world map to plot your journey, this book is a beautiful keepsake that I can imagine will go with me on my next couple of trips.

Headphones: Sol Republic
Everyone needs a good pair of headphones for flights, and these trusty ones have done me well in the past. I love the quality of them and the bright red colour adds a fun dimension to them, too.

Sunglasses: ASOS
I bought a cheapy pair of sunnies to take with me just incase something happens to them. These are just a simple pair of wayfarers from ASOS that I love.

What do you pack when you go away?



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