Throwing Shade: My Top Three Summer Lipsticks // BEAUTY


For the month of September, I participated in the charity event Liptember, where I wore bright coloured lipstick each day to ‘kiss away the blues’, raising money and awareness for two mental health charities. I’m not a huge lipstick wearer, so wearing it every day was a huge challenge for me.

With summer approaching, brighter lipstick colours are coming into play, and while I don’t wear them often, when I do there are three that I generally find myself reaching for. Please excuse poor application and even poorer ability to pout.


Maybelline Color Sensational – Vibrant Mandarin

I spent a long time trying to find an orange lipstick that suited my skin tone. Once I did, I was in love with not only the colour of this one but the formula too. It was creamy, but not too much that it slipped all over the place, and I can wear it without lip liner confident that it will stay on and not bleed all over my face during the day.


Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick – Spellbound

Although this pink would classify as ‘bright’, it’s not so much so that it looks fluorescent. This formula is relatively matte but not in a way which is drying, and despite my terrible application it stays put for most of the day.


Dragonberry Boutique Lipsticks – Pegasus and Cosmo

While I cheated and combined two lipsticks to create this colour, it was one of my absolute favourites during the month of Liptember. The perfect purple for my skintone, I loved the looks I got from some people while wearing this, it was like they’d seen an alien. The formula isn’t great, incredibly creamy and therefore it slips around like nobody’s business, but for $5 a pop it’s something I generally just deal with.

Because I generally don’t wear a lot of lipstick, these are just the ones I find myself reaching for in the warmer months on the odd occasion when I do. If I were to wear them on the daily, I’d definitely have a wider range than just three colours. On the occasion that I feel like popping a nude colour on, Australis’ Velour Lips in Pa-ree is my favourite shade (despite it’s horrendous name and slightly drying nature).

What’s your favourite lip colours for spring?



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