1:Face Watch Review // STYLE


About a week ago, I stumbled upon 1:Face watches on Instagram. After having a look around the site, I absolutely fell in love with the concept and immediately decided I needed one (well…two actually, but I restrained myself for the time being).

1:Face is an organisation that started in the US through an Indiegogo campaign in 2012. The idea is simple, that they ‘change the world, one face at a time’.

1:Face offers one style of watch in nine different colours. Each colour represents a different organisation, which is supported through the purchase of a watch. For example, the purchase of a blue watch supports environmental causes by funding The Adventure Project, and the pink battles breast cancer through their support for the McGrath foundation.

Each watch is $55, and I purchased the black colour, which supports cancer research and The Shane Warne Foundation. The thing that is really great about the organisation is that their charity work is completely transparent, and they tell you exactly how they support each charity. For each cancer, breast cancer, Red Cross and RSPCA watch sold, $10 goes straight to the associated cause. As well as this, all watches carry a ‘metric’, whereby the organisation promises to fulfill a promise through their work. For example, through the purchase of the cancer watch, The Shane Warne Foundation provides support for eight cancer patients, and the purchase of an AIDS watch provides treatment for eight AIDS affected children.


The packaging had a clear centre which showed the watch, and on the box itself was the metric which the watch provides. I was a little disappointed that the box had all of the branding for the American cancer charity and not The Shane Warne Foundation, and also that the protective plastic on the screen had started to curl up, however these were my only minor niggles with the packaging.

The watch is really nice to wear. It’s easy to use, sits comfortably on the wrist and has heaps of notches in the band, so would fit plenty of different wrist sizes. The face itself is mirrored, which is perfect if you’re as vain as I am. This can be a bit annoying when the sun is bright and it reflects in your face, but otherwise it has been handy to have a mirror on me at all times. The settings are really simple to use, and I like that it’s quite chunky, as small and dainty watches have never suited me that well. IMG_0911

Another little issue I have is that there is no watch to support mental health causes. I realise there are hundreds of charities and causes which need help, but when mental health issues are so prevalent in society and not talked about nearly as much as they should be, it would be great to see a mental health charity helped by this movement.

Overall, I’m super happy with this watch. For $55, it’s a high-quality product, and with nine different colours and causes to choose from, you’re bound to find a watch you like or a cause you care about. 1:Face watches can be found here, and I know that I’ll definitely be purchasing the white (hunger) watch soon to compliment my black one.



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