(Mini) Lush Haul: Christmas Range // BEAUTY


I am a sucker for all things Lush, and I am the first to admit it. The closest one is a 30 minute drive from me, so whenever I go, I stock up, and my poor boyfriend has to deal with the sickly sweet smell of the shop for at least a good ten minutes while I carefully choose what I want.

Their Christmas range is something that provokes a level of excitement within me that’s probably neither normal nor healthy. I love baths, and I do not care how gross some people think they are. There’s just something about bright colours and glitter that make sitting in litres of what is essentially your own filth so much more appealing.

The other day I was lucky enough to meet my favourite writer Zoë Foster-Blake at Westfield. Her Go-To Skincare pop-up shop was right outside Lush, so it would be rude not to go and have a look at their new Christmas range, right?

Armed with a list of exactly what I was allowing myself to buy, I stocked up on six products which will make my next few bath times a world of fun and get my in the Christmas spirit (just kidding, I’ve been excited for that since August). Here is what I picked up!

Lush’s range of bath bombs bring out the absolute child in me, every. single. time. There’s just something so wonderful about chucking a ball into your bath and watching it fizz and swirl into so many colours, sprinkling glitter and bubbling about. I picked up four bath bombs from Lush when I last went, as well as two bubble bars (an area of the shop I’m still relatively new to).


Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Now I don’t like to pick favourites, but if Lush bath bombs were in a burning building, Golden Wonder would definitely be the one that I’d save. Generally only available in their Christmas range, I embarrassingly screamed with excitement when I realised that Lush sneakily released it briefly for Christmas in July earlier this year. A beautiful golden gift with a rattle inside, Golden Wonder transforms your bath into a beautiful sea of blue with colourful patches spotted throughout.


Sparkler Bath Bomb

I had high hopes for this bath bomb. I couldn’t find its counterpart, Northern Lights, in the shops, but still thought Sparkler would be equally as exciting. I don’t even know how to explain how this went in the bath though…it was just…weird. It spouted out a bronze coloured glitter, which was super cool, but took about ten minutes to fully disappear. And when you’re standing naked excitedly waiting to hop into a glittery pool of goodness, that is a very long time. It also made my bath turn what could only be described as a deep shade of wee. I felt like I was sitting in my own excrement for half an hour,and it made me all sorts of uncomfortable. Definitely not my favourite, and one of the few bath bombs that have ever disappointedme.


Cinders Bath Bomb

While Cinders is a lot smaller than the majority of other Lush bath bombs, it has a really nice fresh scent, and popping candy that sounds like a crackling fire while in the bath. Although this noise doesn’t like a long time, it is a fun novelty for at least the beginning of your bath. I probably wouldn’t reach for this one instore, but it definitely was a nice little addition to an otherwise boring bath.


Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

Holy mother of colours. If you like glorious pink rainbows, then this bath bomb is 100% what you are looking for. Pockets of blue, yellow, orange and green burst out from the main pink body of this pudding shaped bomb, and it smells so Christmassy and autumnal (which is really handy for those in Australia heading into Summer). This left the bath a beautiful pink colour, however it stained my hand a ridiculous shade when I picked it up to move it around the bath.


Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

Although this looks like a slightly mouldy tennis ball, the smell is lovely and fresh, and it sends a cascade of delicious smelling bubbles into your bath. I like that you can get multiple uses out of these, and I generally break off a little piece and use it at the same time as a bath bomb for a few dignity-covering bubbles.


Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

Taking on the Lush cult-classic scent of Snow Fairy, I actually really dislike the smell of this one, but it’s fun shape and colour drew me in. I haven’t used it as of yet as I find the scent so sickly sweet, so this definitely might be one that I pass off to my mama.

What’s your favourite product from Lush?



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