Bellabox Review // BEAUTY


While subscription boxes are not a new concept at all, it did take quite a while for me to hop on the bandwagon. I subscribed to Bellabox, a monthly beauty subscription box, in May this year. I had heard a lot of very mixed reviews about the service, but was still keen to try it for myself.

I received my first box 10 days after I was told I would on the website. Granted, I did sign up the month they had HUGE issues with their shipping, but did find the lack of communication regarding this to be substandard. When I received my first box, I won’t lie, I was really disappointed. The samples seemed cheap, and my ‘full size’ product was a tiny lip-gloss that immediately got passed over to my mum for her to keep. The saving grace of this box was a small tube of moisturiser which I fell in love with.

I decided to persist, however, as maybe I’d just been unlucky and received a shitty box. Today I arrived home to my fourth Bellabox waiting on my bed for me (my dad brought it inside, I don’t just have a creepy postman), and I’m really glad I didn’t cancel at the beginning. Despite being a few days late and missing it’s signature blue and white spotted housing (the team included a letter stating a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ was the reason behind this), the products were great and I’ve finally received samples that I will ACTUALLY use, unlike many of the things I’ve received in my last three (what is air mist/why does it smell like old people/why did they send it to me).

This month’s full size item was a new Cedel scented hairspray, which I’ve had my eye on since its release. Looking cute as a button in it’s bright pink packaging, I’ve already given it a try and it’s made my hair smell like a delicious bowl of lollies and fruit (a sweet smell, but not enough to be sickly).

Also included in my box was a decent sized CC cream sample (in a real tube! None of this foil tearoff pack business here), a Klorane shampoo, Neutrogena makeup wipes and a tiiiiiiiiny little pot of Cactus facemask. Each month there is generally a foil tearoff sample included as a bonus, and this month I received two: Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur and Revlon Colorstay Foundation (I’ve had my eye on both of these products for a while so am really looking forward to testing them out).

Overall, $15 a month is a small price to pay for the entertainment I personally get from the service. While I wouldn’t recommend it for people with high expectations, there hasn’t been a single occasion where I haven’t been happy with at least one product I’ve received, and while that may sound like shitty odds, I loved all five samples this month. You win some, you lose some.

There are quite a few subscription boxes around these days, so it’s always best to shop around and work out which is best for you.



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