My Current Makeup Bag // BEAUTY


While I do like doing my makeup differently for a special occasion, my everyday makeup is usually very much the same, day-in day-out. Here is a look into my makeup bag, and the products I’m using at the moment. *

*Fair warning, things do get a bit rambly and I end up giving each product a mini-review, so stick around if you’re into that, and if not – I’ll see you Friday.

NARS Sheer Glow – Deauville
I sometimes really wish I didn’t purchase this foundation. I never realised I could love a beauty product so much, even when it hurts my wallet so badly. Having never shelled out on a nice foundation before, I had previously stuck to my trusty Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. The first time I applied this from the sample pot I almost wished I hated it. I went and bought the full size bottle two days later, and told myself I’d only use it for ‘special occasions’. Oh, the lies we tell ourselves to justify things. This is now my go-to base, and I completely understand why almost everyone who’s tried it raves about it. Providing a medium coverage, Sheer Glow makes you look radiant without making you look like Edward Cullen’s long lost twin (sorry Rimmel, but I looked like a tube of glitter glue). Applied with your fingers or a beauty blender, you only need the tiniest amount, and once on your face you can barely feel it there. 10/10 would buy again soz bank account.


Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer – 1 (Fair)
When the Collection range was released in New Zealand, I assumed it was only a matter of time before it made it’s way across the sea and was available in Australia. Alas, at this stage it still only seems to be accessible to them, so when a family friend went back home to NZ for a trip, it was only right that I asked her to pick up a concealer for me. I had no idea about colours, and consequently ended up getting her to purchase me one which is far too light for my skin. I know that under-eye brightness can be good, but I looked violently ill. Thus, I combined it with:

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer – 20 (Sand)
I have a horrible tendency to buy products and just assume they’ll suit my skin tone – foundations, lipsticks, and in this case, concealers. I had heard good things about the Fit Me range, and despite being skeptical during a run in with a too dark foundation (what was it I was just saying about bad decisions…?), I picked up the concealer to give it a try. Alas, the product was too dark, but after mixing it with my aforementioned Collection concealer, I found that it created not only the perfect shade, but also an absolutely dreamy consistency. The Collection helps the concealer to stick to the face and last throughout the day (I did suffer from some mild creasing under the eye, but nothing a little powder couldn’t fix), and the Fit Me helped the mixture apply smoothly and evenly. While I can’t judge these products independently due to my own bad choices, combined they create a beautiful concealer that hides the sins of the past evening’s late night blogging.IMG_0753

ELF Blush – Candid Coral
Honestly, I don’t love this product. I wouldn’t say I hate it, but I will say that the $3 price tag it comes with it is pretty accurate. While the colour is nice, I do find myself having to put a LOT of product on my brush before it actually shows up on my cheeks. This is definitely a “just using until I find something better” product.


Bourjous Chocolate Bronzing Powder – 52
I absolutely hated this bronzer when I first got my hands on it. After all the hype surrounding it, and seemingly every human interested in makeup owning it, I was expecting great things. The chocolate smell weirded me out, and I felt it looked muddy and was difficult to blend. Oh, darling choccy bronzer, how things have changed. I don’t know whether it was the forcing myself to use it daily or the furthered education in makeup application that made me love this bronzer, but it’s honestly the best. I forgot to bring it home the other day and therefore had to resort to my trusty Rimmel Natural Bronzer, and while I used to love that product, I now find myself feeling ill at the clinical smell it offers. It doesn’t have the beautiful subtle glow that Chocolate Soleil does. I feel like I am Eve and the bronzer is my poison apple. I’ve had a taste and now I want more. Granted, I haven’t read the bible so possibly just made the most irrelevant comparison in history, but the point is – I love the bronzer.


Estee Lauder – Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara
I’ll be honest with you, dear readers. This mascara just doesn’t do it for me. I’ve gotten to the point where I have so many open that I’m just using them to use them up. I’ve finished my tube of The Falsies, and my tube of Scandal’eyes, and before I allow myself a repurchase, I am making myself use up everything. This mascara smells like chocolate milk. Given the sparkling review I just gave Bourjois’ chocolate bronzer, you’d think this wouldn’t be an issue for me. But it’s more of a ‘chocolate milk that’s been left in the sun for a day’ smell, and putting that on your eyelashes doesn’t hugely appeal to me. I have been blessed with long and thick eyelashes, so usually I find all mascaras to do their job pretty well, but I feel like this formula is too wet, and leaves my lashes straighter than they were before. The packaging is it’s saviour, but for the ridiculous price, I definitely wouldn’t repurchase.

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner – Black
While I don’t wear liner everyday, every now and then I do like a bit of a cat flick. I’ve long had a battle with liquid eyeliners, and this has been my favourite one I’ve found so far. The thin felt tip means you get really precise lines (hence the name), the black is actually black, and I’ve found it to not smudge too easily. I don’t have a lot to say about this liner other than I love it, and for the affordable price it is, it’s definitely worth a try.


MAC Brow Crayon – shade/Anastastia Dip Brow Pomade – Chocolate
I’m going to be real for a second here – I probably never anticipated as a child that my eyebrows would be as important to me as they are today. I use a combination of two products on my eyebrows, to fill them in where they’re sparse (thanks two-year old Tiahn for the giant scar) and give them definition. Sometimes I use both, sometimes I’ll use one or the other, but the MAC crayon and Anastasia Dipbrow are always my go-to products. I’ve found Dipbrow to be hard to master. I clearly wasn’t anticipating it to be so pigmented when I first bought it, and thus ended up looking like Pavarotti after the initial application. Now I’ve figured out how to use it, I absolutely love it, and combined with my brow crayon it’s a winning team.



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