frank Body Scrub Review // BEAUTY



For the last year or so, there seems to have been a trend going around with young females, which involves them covering themselves in coffee grounds and taking mildly NSFW Instagram pics.

The idea behind frank body scrub is simple. Natural ingredients that aim to target cellulite and stretch marks combined with a wonderfully cheeky social media marketing idea and a final result that leaves you smelling like a giant paper cup of Starbucks.

With all the rage and hype going around about frank, I decided it was time that I too joined in the trend and posed semi-naked in a bathtub in an attempt to get my photo on their Insta profile. Just kidding.

I did, however, want to try out this ‘magical’ exfoliant that has seen people from all over the world sending frank body into a backlog of orders, and people waiting and waiting to get their hands on a little brown bag of scrub.

When I bought my package of frank, I was firstly surprised by the two days it took to reach me, when they’d said it could be anywhere between 4 and 14. And I’ll admit, when I got home to see it in the letterbox I immediately headed for the shower to try it out.

I didn’t buy frank particularly to address my dimply bum or the stretch marks that, thanks to puberty, adorn my chest, but rather just to see how my skin reacted to it. My skin is often sensitive to things I wouldn’t expect it to be, so new products are always a bit of a risk.

Let me start by saying that this scrub makes an absolute mess. I’m talking coffee grounds on your shower door, bathroom tiles and hiding in your bellybutton for a week afterwards (depending on how lazy you are when it comes to cleaning…your shower that is, not your bellybutton).

It’s also ridiculously annoying to wait for it to dry, as you can’t really do much for ten minutes while you’re stark naked and looking like you’ve just covered yourself in dirt. The website suggests doing squats, but let’s be honest, that combined with a slippery bath could only end in a back injury for me.

Despite these negatives, I was immediately in love with frank and all his dirty glory. I took the obligatory ‘#frankeffect’ picture (but chose not to include my bewbs in the shot…the last thing that hashtag needs is more tits) while waiting for it to dry, then rinsed it off to see how I felt. My skin was incredibly soft and smelt so lovely.

I’ve been using frank for a good two months now and can’t say I’ve seen a reduction in stretch marks or cellulite. This could be for two reasons – the first being that I haven’t actually been monitoring them that well, and the second being that I haven’t used the scrub as often as you’re meant to. Three times a week is just way too much standing around in the nude for my liking, so it’s more of a ‘when convenient’ product for me. I’ve also more recently branched out and purchased the cacao variety, which smells like absolutely heaven and left me sniffing my arm for a good three hours post-shower.

Overall, while I can’t comment on frank doing what it claims to do, it does leave your skin feeling baby soft. For the $14.95 it costs (for the original), it’s definitely worth a try. Plus, us Australian babes get free shipping, and if those two words don’t light up your life I don’t know what will.

* Deliciously soft skin
* Smells nice
* Gives an excuse to take a sideboob photo if you’re into that

* The nice coffee smell can get sickening after a few hours if you’re not particularly fond of it
* Drying time can be boring if you’re unprepared
* Could trick people into thinking you’re part of their breakfast

Frank can be purchased here and now comes in three delicious flavours that can make you smell like a latte, a mocha or a coconut


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